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2000 (1/8" Chipmunk, Light 3.5 Oz) Assorted Colors Orthodontic Latex Elastic Rubber Bands for Braces

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  • Size: 1/8" Chipmunk, Light 3.5 Oz
  • 20 Bags of 100
  • Item # A35C18
  • Vibrant Quality for Diverse Orthodontic Needs: Elevate your orthodontic experience with PlastCare USA's Assorted Colored Elastic Rubber Bands. These elastics, made from top-quality latex, come in a range of vibrant colors, providing both strength and flexibility. They're perfectly suited for a variety of orthodontic treatments, including gap closure, bite adjustments, and teeth alignment.

  • Professionally Endorsed, Multi-Purpose Use: Recommended by dental experts, these colorful elastic bands are an essential component in both professional dental practices and at-home care. Their diverse sizes and strengths meet a broad spectrum of orthodontic requirements, offering flexibility and effectiveness in treatment.

  • Trusted by Orthodontists: Ideal for a range of orthodontic needs, including alignment and bite correction. Suitable for both professional and personal use, with a range of sizes and strengths available.