Dental Putty

Dental Putty

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Our premium silicone-based dental putty can transform your practice and make impressions quicker and easier for you while ensuring a more comfortable experience for your patients. Ensure precise, accurate impressions whether you’re dealing with crowns, bridges, or anything in between!

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Your Search for Safe, Simple, Quality Dental Putty Ends at My DDS Supply!

Just as an artist is only as good as their tools, the right putty can make all the difference in your dental practice - empowering you to work quickly and accurately while putting your patient’s comfort and wellbeing at the forefront.

You know the struggle of creating perfect impressions for restorative work, orthodontics, or prosthetics. The accuracy of these impressions is crucial, and any compromise can lead to patient discomfort or additional procedures. 

It's not just about precision, though. Ease of use, patient safety, and the quality of materials are equally important. The good news? Your search for the perfect putty for dental procedures ends here at My DDS Supply.

We offer a solution that addresses these concerns head-on with our premium silicone-based putty. Ideal for a range of procedures including crowns and bridges, our putty is designed for professional use, ensuring precise, accurate impressions every time. Get yours today or learn more about what separates it from the rest below!

What Separates Our Dental Putty From the Rest?

After experiencing the frustrations with typical dental sourcing options on the market, we decided to change things for the better. My DDS Supply is your factory-direct eBay store for all things dental essentials. You’ll enjoy a simple, convenient ordering experience with us - where you gain access to high-quality products at low prices.

Our putty is no exception to the reputation we’ve earned for delivering the best of the best. It’s manufactured in Germany, ensuring top-tier quality and consistency. 

The silicone-based material offers a smooth, pliable texture for effortless handling and precise impressions. You can rest assured it’s non-toxic, too, ensuring your patient’s health and well-being is always prioritized. 

The base and catalyst system in our putty provides flexibility in mixing, allowing dentists to achieve the desired consistency and setting time for different procedures. We have a regular set and fast set package, so you can fine-tune your approach accordingly. 

And, like all products here in our catalog, you’ll gain access to fast and free shipping when you place your order at My DDS Supply. So, elevate your practice today and see what a difference the right dental putty can make in your repertoire! 

Order Today and Experience the My DDS Supply Difference Firsthand!

By choosing our products, you not only ensure precision and efficiency in your dental impression procedures but also commit to the highest standards of patient care and practice efficiency.

You can also source your bite registration trays or other dental impression trays you need to pair with our dental putty. And, we’ve got other impression materials as well, ranging from dental alginate impression material to VPS impression material

After all, My DDS Supply is your trusted source for all things dental essentials - including dentist bibs or dental gauze, dental suction tips, dental instrument trays, dental nitrile gloves, and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our collection today and take a step towards transforming the way you handle dental impressions!

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