Dental Matrix Bands

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Give yourself the precision and ease of use you deserve when working with dental matrix bands. Our collection here at My DDS Supply is tailored for perfect restorations every time. And with prices this low, what more could you ask for? Invest in your practice today!

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Performing Restorations Becomes Much Easier With Our High-Quality, Versatile Dental Matrix Bands!

These are indispensable tools in restorative dentistry, providing the structure and stability needed for materials like composites and amalgams to properly set against the tooth. They are used to create tight, anatomically correct contacts between teeth, crucial for both the function and aesthetics of a dental restoration. 

Quality is paramount when it comes to these bands, as they must be both durable and flexible to adapt to various tooth shapes and sizes. Precision tools like these are what make efficient and accurate restorations possible. 

Here at My DDS Supply, we've curated the premier collection of matrix dental bands for professionals everywhere. Our range includes the #1 .0015" 0.04 mm Regular Tofflemire Type and M4 Molar Dental Metal Matrices, among others, ensuring you have the right band for every scenario. 

Shop with us to elevate the standard of your restorative work!

What Separates Our Dental Matrix Bands From the Rest?

We are committed to providing products that not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of dental professionals. The products on this page are a prime example of this commitment, offering unmatched quality and variety to cater to your specific restorative needs.

Our selection includes the #1 .0015" 0.04mm Regular Tofflemire Type Matrix Bands, which offer optimal flexibility and adaptability for precise restorations. These bands are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and reliability, essential for the demanding environment of dental procedures. 

The M4 Tall Molar Dental Metal Matrices feature a sectional contoured design, promoting natural tooth anatomy post-restoration and providing consistent, predictable results every time.

Available in quantities ranging from 50 to an economical 1,440 pack, our Dental Matrix Bands are suitable for a wide array of dental applications. 

Whether it's for crown and bridge procedures, amalgam restorations, or composite fillings, our bands provide excellent anatomical contours and tight contacts essential for precise restorations. 

The ease of use and the comfort they provide to patients during procedures make our matrix bands a must-have in any dental practice. 

And if you aren’t sure which style you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team. We’re on standby ready to support you in giving your patients the care they deserve!

Invest in Superior Dental Supplies Today and Give Your Patients the Care They Deserve!

Equip your practice with our top-tier matrix dental bands and ensure every restoration is a testament to your commitment to excellence. With our tools at your side, precision and patient satisfaction will be a hallmark of your work.

This is just one of the many dental supplies available at My DDS Supply. We mean it when we say we’re your one-stop shop for all the essentials. Here are some of our most popular collections:

So, what are you waiting for? Make the choice that reflects your dedication to dental perfection - choose our dental matrix bands for your practice today.

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