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Maintain an organized, efficient workspace with dental instrument trays designed specifically for your dental instruments. Ensure every tool is right where you need it, every time. The grips on our trays also put the stress and frustration of knocking trays over in the past. Order today for fast and free shipping!

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Optimize and Organize Your Practice Through Dental Instrument Trays at My DDS Supply!

Misplaced instruments or the constant search for the right tool can not only hamper productivity but also compromise the smooth workflow of a dental procedure. The last thing a dental professional wants is to break focus, especially when precision is crucial. 

Beyond that, typical trays are prone to wobbles or tips, causing unnecessary delays and potential compromise in sterility. There is nothing more frustrating than having a procedure interrupted because you have to rush to autoclave an instrument that fell to the floor

That’s where our innovative gripped trays come in, keeping all your tools in one area to optimize your workflow while helping you enjoy peace of mind.

Shop now and experience the My DDS Supply difference - or learn more about what makes these the most trusted trays in the dental industry below!

What Separates Our Dental Trays for Instruments From the Rest?

My DDS Supply is your one-stop shop for all things dental supply, as our name suggests. We’ve taken the hassle and headaches out of sourcing your dental instruments to make this a quick, seamless, and most importantly, affordable process.

The dental instrument trays here in our collection have been designed to offer stability, efficiency, and reliability. They boast four distinct grip points underneath effectively eliminating the age-old problem of trays sliding around during procedures. Such a design ensures that even in the midst of rigorous procedures, the tray remains unwavering.

Keeping your trays clean is easier than ever before too as they’re designed to be resilient. They pair seamlessly with autoclave cleaners, pouches, and bags, assuring dental professionals of utmost hygiene and ease in sterilization. 

With free shipping, low prices, and unparalleled customer support along the way, it doesn’t get much better than this. Say goodbye to the exhaustive cleanup and the lingering doubt of cleanliness. With our trays, sterility is a guarantee, not a hope.

Upgrade Your Workspace for Efficiency and Peace of Mind With Our Dental Instrument Trays Today!

Every dental procedure is a testament to a dentist's skill, precision, and the trust a patient places in them. Why let a wobbly tray or a sterility concern detract from that experience? 

We have dental impression trays if you’re looking for a specific style. And on that note, you can also source all the material and supplies you need here while you’re at it. 

That includes dental patient bibs, dental surgical suction tips, retainer cases, alginate dental impression material, nitrile dental gloves, dental sterilization pouches, VPS impression material, and a whole lot more.

Invest in your practice - and thus, your reputation - with our dental instrument trays today. You’ll know you made the right choice when you experience the difference firsthand!

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