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Your restoration process just got a whole lot easier. Our temporary dental cement will streamline your workflow through its safe, user-friendly design. Set yourself up for success today at My DDS Supply, where precision meets convenience in every application.

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Streamline Your Restoration Work With Our Safe, User-Friendly Temporary Dental Cement!

Temporary cement is an indispensable tool in restorative dentistry, acting as a reliable intermediary in procedures involving crowns, bridges, and veneers. 

The right cement ensures not only the stability of temporary restorations but also patient comfort and ease of future procedures. A superior temporary dental cement must offer strong bonding, be easy to apply/remove, and cater to patients with sensitivities. 

Looking for a cement that meets these needs? Your search ends here at My DDS Supply, where dental professionals like yourself gain access to a product that embodies efficiency, safety, and user-friendliness.

The My DDS Supply Difference

My DDS Supply is a factory-direct eBay store for dentists, where we prioritize making dental shopping effortless and efficient. Based in Southern California, we understand the critical nature of timely supply delivery in the dental industry. 

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service is matched by our dedication to offering competitive prices on all our supplies - including our temporary dental cement.

You can choose from a single syringe or a 4 pack option. Whatever you go with, you’re getting a non-eugenol formula which is particularly beneficial for patients with sensitivities. You can rest assured you’re providing a safe and comfortable experience.

The Automix syringes are ready to use and the application is effortless - enabling precise application with minimal waste. 

Their high strength and durability ensure that the temporary restorations last until the final procedure, while also offering excellent marginal adaptation and sealing properties. This makes them ideal for various applications, including crown preparation and endodontic treatment.

This ease of use, combined with their effective temporary bonding and easy removal, makes them a preferred choice among dental professionals.

We recognize the urgency with which dental professionals need their products, which is why we ensure expedited shipping, dispatching all items within one business day post-purchase. 

Our focus is not just on individual practitioners but also on wholesale buyers, offering a range of products to suit diverse dental needs. So, shop now or get in touch to find out firsthand what makes us such a great partner in all your dental sourcing needs!

Experience Firsthand What Makes Our Temporary Dental Cement the #1 Choice in the Industry!

Discover why My DDS Supply is the top choice for dental professionals today with our high-quality, safe, and easy-to-use cement. It streamlines restoration work, enhancing both operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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No matter what you need to perform your best, you can trust that My DDS Supply has it for you here in our catalog. And if you aren’t seeing exactly what you need, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our world-class customer support team is always on standby ready to help you.

So, don’t deprive yourself of the user-friendly supplies you need any longer. Experience the difference in your practice with our trusted and reliable products today!

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