Recent News at the September American Dental Association (ADA) World Dental Congress

Recent News at the September American Dental Association (ADA) World Dental Congress

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For dentists just entering the practice, making a trip to the annual ADA World Dental Congress may be a necessity for two reasons: crucial networking with dental supply distributors and workshops on how to use new tools.  Being a dental supply company, we highly recommend going the meeting at least once every few years just to make sure you have a broad understanding of what is out there, and what changes are being made step by step to the dental industry.

For example, laser deep-tissue cleaning devices are a relatively new invention; workshops on these cutting-edge devices are held each year at the ADA annual meeting.  When other techs and experts can demonstrate the benefits of a new device on you, and you can examine the evidence in person, any dental office will stay competitive and up-to-date with its technology.  We are not saying one must attend each and every year if business gets in the way, but to attend periodically is a necessity.  If not, dental practices can fall behind and fail to maintain a top-tier presentation of dental supplies and equipment.

Additionally, ADA Dental Congress is special in this simple way: it’s the largest annual gathering of all the professionals who work the same job as you.  Providing high-quality dentistry is a gift to modern society we all take seriously and with a great degree of pride.  So, we at My DDS Supply support attending the ADA Dental Congress in this very fundamental way.  No one else is trying to get us all together in one spot!  It helps tremendously with relationship-building among each aspect of your business.  For supply chain growth and stabilization, the ADA Dental Congress can provide you a wealth of information about what other dentists do to keep overhead low but quality premium, what new distributor prices may be, and how to avoid getting stuck in the mud of tradition that older, less mobile dental supply companies may try and push on you.  By meeting and talking with all of your peers, we have seen many dentistry practices take off through properly managing the connections one makes at such an event. 

The next ADA annual meeting will be held Oct. 15th–18th 2020 in Orlando, Florida.  My DDS Supply will be out there looking to stay on top of any changes on the dental supply industry.  Part of the reason My DDS Dupply is able to compete with larger retail dental chains owes itself to our innovative professional meshwork: we have made connections with distributors in all parts of the world.  Attending annual dental conferences like the ADA’s are a good place to start on refining the foundation of your business and branching your business out toward new opportunities and ideas!

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