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8" x 1 5/8" Digital X-Ray Sensor Cover Sleeves (Box of 500)

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  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! Made of oxo-biodegradable plastic that decomposes in water and dirt, these disposable Xray sensor covers allow you to use a plastic disposable dental product without worrying about contributing to landfills.
  • PREVENTS CROSS CONTAMINATION Keep your patients safe and healthy and eliminate any chance of cross-infection by always using one time use disposable protective sleeves with your intraoral camera and other imaging devices.
  • LESSENS TIME BETWEEN PATIENTS Reduce clean up time and see more patients in a day! Using disposable film and coverings eliminates the need to sterilize and allows you to quickly clean up after a patient and move on to the next in a manner of minutes.
  • HOW DOES OXO-BIODEGRATION WORK? An additive called TDPA (totally degradable plastics additive) is added to the plastic during the manufacturing process, which allows the product break down to Carbon Dioxide, water, humus, and trace elements when touched with dirt and water.