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Black Dental Set Up Instrument Autoclave Flat Tray, 13 1/4″ x 9 3/4″ (Ritter Size B) by PlastCare USA

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  • 4 GRIPS UNDERNEATH: It can be frustrating to deal with your instrument tray sliding around. The slick surface holding it can cause the tray to slip off and sterile instruments to fall and require cleaning. The 4 grips on our hard, autoclavable trays keep them firmly in place as you work, so even if you inadvertently bump these no-slip trays as you perform dental tasks, you won’t have to worry.
  • READY FOR AUTOCLAVE: Our dental sterilization trays are ready for autoclave; they are compatible with autoclave cleaner, pouches, sterilizers, and bags. Sterilizing instruments has never been easier! We believe in easy-to-clean materials for the benefit of patients and dental professionals. Dentists will save time and patients will know their dental providers are using the cleanest equipment.