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4 Super Fast Bite Registration Material 50ml Cartridges (Super Fast Set)

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    • Set the stage for efficient dental procedures with our 4 Super Fast Bite Registration Material 50ml Cartridges (Super Fast Set).
    • Each cartridge contains 50ml of super fast-setting material, designed to expedite the bite registration process.
    • The ultra-fast set time reduces patient discomfort and allows for quick and accurate impressions.
    • Our super fast set formula ensures minimal distortion and precise occlusal details, making it ideal for time-sensitive procedures.
    • The smooth and creamy consistency of the material ensures easy handling and application, enhancing workflow efficiency.
    • Compatible with standard mixing and delivery systems, these cartridges offer seamless integration into your dental practice.
    • With our Super Fast Bite Registration Material, you can confidently capture bite registrations with exceptional accuracy and speed.
    • Trust in the quality and reliability of our cartridges to optimize your dental procedures and deliver outstanding patient experiences.

These cartridges are designed to provide dental professionals with a reliable and efficient solution for bite registration procedures, ensuring precise and accurate results in less time.