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Assorted 5 Pack Denture Case Bath Holders for Retainers Teeth Guards (Individually Sealed)

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    • INDIVIDUALLY SEALED: Our assorted denture cases come individually sealed.
    • CLEAN & VENTILATED: The last thing you want is for your retainers and dentures to harbor dangerous elements that thrive in moist places. Our retainer container gives your dental appliances a dry and safe space and keeps them away from dirt and elements. It is individually sealed to ensure cleanliness, and it features vent holes on the top and bottom to keep your appliance dry.
    • DURABLE & RELIABLE: Make caring for your oral appliances easy with our denture case container. It is made of a strong material that will not easily break or crack inside your pocket, tote, or backpack. Its locking closure is secure so you do not have to worry about the case accidentally opening and dropping your retainer.
    • WIDE APPLICATION: What’s great about our retainer box is it is large enough to store most dental appliances. Teens can use it for their transparent brackets, parents can use it for their mouth guards, and grandparents can use it for their dentures. With a sufficient storage room, our retainer holder case is also able to accommodate orthodontic rubber bands or waxes, ear buds, and other small items.