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1000 White Saliva Ejectors (10 Bags) by PlastCare USA

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  • Package includes 10 bags of 1000 white saliva ejectors by PlastCare USA, providing you with a large quantity for your dental practice.
  • Made from high-quality materials, these saliva ejectors offer excellent suction and durability.
  • The white color of the saliva ejectors enhances visibility, allowing for better monitoring during dental procedures.
  • Each saliva ejector is designed with a smooth and comfortable tip to ensure patient comfort.
  • The saliva ejectors are disposable, promoting a hygienic and sterile environment in your dental practice.
  • PlastCare USA is a trusted brand known for delivering reliable and high-quality dental products.
  • These saliva ejectors are suitable for various dental procedures, including saliva and debris removal.
  • The convenient packaging allows for easy storage and access to the saliva ejectors.
  • The use of disposable saliva ejectors helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients.
  • Enhance your dental practice's efficiency and patient care with these high-quality white saliva ejectors from PlastCare USA.

Item # PG‐WHW