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500 x Blue Etch Pre-Bent Applicator Needle Tips, 25 Gauge (5 Bags of 100)

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  • Ensure precise and controlled etching with 500 blue etch pre-bent applicator needle tips.
  • Each needle tip is 25 gauge, providing optimal flow and accuracy during the etching process.
  • The package includes 5 bags, with each bag containing 100 needle tips, offering ample supply for your dental procedures.
  • These pre-bent applicator needle tips are designed for convenience and ease of use, allowing for precise application of etching materials.
  • The blue color of the needle tips makes them easily distinguishable for efficient workflow and organization.
  • These disposable needle tips are hygienic and prevent cross-contamination, ensuring the safety of both the dental professional and the patient.
  • Compatible with most dental syringes, these needle tips are versatile and suitable for various etching applications.
  • Trust PlastCare USA, a reputable provider of dental supplies, for reliable and high-quality products to meet your dental needs.

Item # PG‐FT25