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400 Regular Orange Dental Micro Applicator Brushes (4 Tubes of 100)

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  • 4 Kegs of 100
  • NON-ABSORBENT: These micro bristle brushes are designed to assist in dental bonding procedures. They can deliver precise portions of etchant solution and dental bonding adhesive without absorption.  
  • NON-LINTING: These soft dental picks won’t leave behind lint during precious micro applications. They are made to be non-linting. You won’t have to worry about fuzz or residue gathering while you apply dental bonding agents to teeth.  
  • BENDABLE: The handles are bendable, which makes it easier for accurate application in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The flexibility of our micro applicator brushes allows for greater comfort during dental procedures.  
  • DISPOSABLE: These dental supplies are disposable. Each micro applicator is intended for one use only.