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4 x VPS Heavy Body Regular Set Impression Material 50 mL Cartridges, Dental PVS

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  • 4 x VPS Heavy Body Regular Set Impression Material 50 mL Cartridges offer reliable and consistent results for your dental impressions.
  • These cartridges provide a regular set time, allowing ample working time for precise placement and capturing of dental details.
  • The high viscosity of the heavy body material ensures optimal stability and minimal distortion during the impression process.
  • The 50 mL cartridges are designed for easy and convenient dispensing, compatible with common mixing guns for efficient workflow.
  • VPS Heavy Body Regular Set Impression Material delivers excellent tear strength, enhancing the accuracy and durability of the final impression.
  • This dental PVS material is suitable for a wide range of dental applications, including crown and bridge work, denture fabrication, and implant impressions.
  • The cartridges are color-coded for easy identification and organization in your dental practice.
  • The high-quality formulation of the VPS material ensures patient comfort during the impression procedure.
  • These cartridges are manufactured by PlastCare USA, a trusted provider of dental supplies known for their quality and reliability.
  • By using VPS Heavy Body Regular Set Impression Material, you can achieve precise, detailed, and consistent impressions, helping to ensure successful dental restorations.