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4 x VPS Heavy Body Fast Set Impression Material 50 mL Cartridges, Dental PVS

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  • Pack of 4 VPS Heavy Body Fast Set Impression Material 50 mL Cartridges: This package includes four cartridges of high-quality VPS heavy body fast set impression material, providing you with an ample supply for your dental practice.
  • Fast Set Formula: The fast set formula of this impression material allows for quick and efficient procedures, saving you time and improving patient comfort.
  • Excellent Flow and Detail Reproduction: The VPS heavy body impression material offers excellent flow characteristics, ensuring accurate and detailed impressions for precise prosthetic work.
  • High Tear Strength and Elasticity: With its high tear strength and elasticity, this impression material provides reliable and durable impressions, minimizing the risk of distortion during removal.
  • Exceptional Hydrophilicity: The hydrophilic properties of the VPS material ensure optimal moisture control, allowing for accurate impressions even in moist oral environments.
  • Easy-to-Use Cartridge Design: The 50 mL cartridges are designed for easy and mess-free dispensing, providing convenience and efficiency during the impression-taking process.