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4 Unflavored Super Fast Set Bite Registration Material 50ml Cartridges by PlastCare USA

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  • Pack of 4 50ml cartridges of unflavored super-fast set bite registration material by PlastCare USA
  • Designed for dental professionals who require quick and accurate bite registration
  • Super-fast set formula ensures fast curing time, allowing for efficient workflow
  • Provides excellent flowability and detail reproduction for precise occlusal records
  • Compatible with standard mixing guns and delivery systems for easy use
  • Non-sticky texture and smooth consistency for comfortable patient experience
  • High-quality material that meets industry standards for reliability and performance
  • Ideal for capturing accurate bite registrations in various dental procedures
  • Each cartridge is individually sealed for hygiene and convenience
  • Trusted brand in the dental industry, offering reliable products for dental professionals.
  • Working Time: 15 sec
  • Set Time: 1 min 10 sec
  • Total Time: 1 min 25 sec