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4 Tips + 2 Regular Set Bite Registration Material (Unflavored)

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  • 4 Cartridges + 2 Tips
  • Regular Set
  • Working Time - 2 Min
  • Set Time - 4 Min 30 Sec
  • Total Time - 6 Min 30 Sec
  • Quantity & Size: This pack contains 4 cartridges, each with 50ml of bite registration material. This ensures ample material for multiple procedures, making it cost-effective for dental practices.

  • Set Time: Regular setting formula ensures that the material solidifies at an optimal rate, offering a balance between working time and setting time. This ensures precise imprints while minimizing patient discomfort.

  • Unflavored: The material is unflavored, making it an excellent choice for patients who are sensitive to taste or prefer a neutral experience during the procedure.

  • High Dimensional Stability: Ensures that the bite registrations remain accurate and stable over time, without warping or distorting.

  • Smooth & Malleable Texture: Ensures easy application and patient comfort, while providing crisp, clear bite marks.

  • Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with a variety of dispensing guns, allowing for easy application directly into the patient's mouth.

  • High Tear Strength: Minimizes the risk of tearing upon removal, ensuring that the bite registration remains intact.

  • Safe & Non-Toxic: Made with patient safety in mind, the material is non-toxic and safe for oral use.