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3.5" x 10" Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches for Autoclave (Choose Quantity) by PlastCare USA

Original price $12.99 - Original price $74.99
Original price
$12.99 - $74.99
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  • High-quality sterilization pouches: Our 3.5" x 10" self-sealing sterilization pouches are designed to ensure the safety and sterility of your dental and medical instruments.
  • Convenient self-sealing design: The pouches feature a self-sealing adhesive strip, allowing for easy and secure closure without the need for additional sealing equipment.
  • Built-in indicators: Each pouch includes internal chemical indicators that change color upon exposure to heat, ensuring that proper sterilization conditions have been achieved.
  • Durable and reliable: The pouches are made from medical-grade materials, providing excellent resistance to tearing, puncturing, and moisture.
  • Versatile and flexible: Suitable for use with a variety of instruments and items, including dental tools, medical devices, and small equipment.
  • Choose your quantity: Select the quantity that best meets your needs, ensuring you have an adequate supply for your sterilization processes.
  • Trusted brand: PlastCare USA is committed to providing high-quality dental supplies, including sterilization pouches, that meet the strictest standards of safety and effectiveness. Shop with confidence.

Item # PG‐3510