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12 Pack of Blue Orthodontic 5 Piece Patient Kits

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  • Essential Orthodontic Care Kit: Streamline your dental hygiene routine with our 5 Piece Orthodontic Kit, specifically designed for individuals with braces. Each kit includes 1 Orthodontic Toothbrush, 1 Interdental Brush, 1 Dental Floss, 1 Orthodontic Wax, and 1 Dental Floss Threader, providing comprehensive care for optimal oral health.

  • Targeted Cleaning Tools: Equip yourself with specialized tools for braces care. The orthodontic toothbrush and interdental brush are designed to clean around brackets and wires effectively, reducing the risk of plaque buildup and maintaining gum health.

  • Enhanced Oral Hygiene: Our premium dental floss and floss threader ensure thorough cleaning between teeth and along the gum line, crucial for preventing tooth decay and gum disease in orthodontic patients.

Item # PG-OKIT-5BL