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1000 Assorted Rainbow Saliva Ejectors (10 Bags) by PlastCare USA

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  • 1000 Assorted Rainbow Saliva Ejectors
  • Vibrant and colorful rainbow assortment adds a fun touch to dental procedures
  • Designed to remove saliva and debris from the patient's mouth
  • Assorted colors provide options to match the patient's preference or add variety to your practice
  • Made from high-quality materials for durability and flexibility
  • Non-toxic and latex-free for patient safety and comfort
  • Disposable and single-use for hygienic purposes
  • Each bag contains a variety of colors, offering convenience and options for different patients
  • Suitable for use in dental clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare settings
  • Helps maintain a dry and clear operating field during dental procedures
  • Each bag contains 100 saliva ejectors, providing a sufficient supply for dental practices
  • Promotes infection control and ensures a positive patient experience during dental visits