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10 Pack Metal Chain Bib Clip Holders for Dental Bibs - Lanyard with Ball Chains & Clamps to Hold Napkin, Covers, Mask for Dentist Clinic, Elderly Care

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  • 10 Pack Metal Chain Bib Clip Holders for Dental Bibs.
  • Each holder features a lanyard with ball chains and clamps.
  • Designed to securely hold dental bibs, covers, and masks in place.
  • Made from durable metal for long-lasting use.
  • Provides a professional and hygienic appearance in dental clinics and elderly care facilities.
  • Easy to attach and remove for convenience during procedures.
  • Suitable for use with various types of dental bibs and covers.
  • Ideal for dentists, dental hygienists, and caregivers in elderly care settings.
  • Helps prevent shifting or falling of bibs and covers during treatments.
  • Enhance the organization and efficiency of your dental practice or caregiving facility.