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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

Artists are doing it. Doctors are using it. Social media is crazy about it. But how can Artificial Intelligence, a term that once applied to aliens and other space-inhabiting lifeforms, help redefine the world of dentistry? 

As it turns out, there are a multitude of ways.

Whittling it down to such a small list of advantages is an injustice. But if you’re still not quite sure why AI is all the rage, here are 5 of the most identifiable reasons to jump on the AI bandwagon.

  1. Dentists will no longer have to wait for a patient to get a “second opinion.” AI has been proven to identify pathologies faster and more accurately than even the most revered of dentists. If you are working solo in a private practice, this is an especially useful tool. With the patient’s trust (as more and more people seemingly rely more on computer information than human experience) a dentist can move forward, more quickly, with a necessary procedure.
  2. AI can quickly identify any underlying yet very related health concerns. It’s able to analyze unstructured data within a patient’s record and compare it to a wider range of relatable datasets. This can uncover issues that might not have been otherwise obvious.
  3. The collection of data can lead to worthwhile business decisions. Let’s say you’ve seen a high percentage of clients this year with a particular ailment that could be easily treated with a chairside milling machine. Data analysis from AI may conclude that a large investment in the machine would yield an X increase in ROI.
  4. The incoming generation of dentists is using it already. If you’re planning to expand and thinking about hiring a graduate, assume that they’ve been schooled in AI from the start. It will become increasingly harder to hire younger people in a traditional dental practice, as students from the best schools are learning within the artificial intelligence realm.
  5. AI offers a holistic approach. It has the ability to scan and analyze all of the patient’s data and history within minutes, from past surgeries to natural anatomy. This makes it easier to discover trends and make accurate predictions, clearing the pathway to a proper treatment plan.

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