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Five Supplies Every Dental Office Needs to have On Hand

Five Supplies Every Dental Office Needs to have On Hand

Dentists have a deluge of items at their disposal to ensure each patient leaves with a happy, healthy smile. The sheer number of instruments utilized can sound overwhelming to the average individual. For those in the industry, however, it’s just part of the job.

From equipment (think dental chairs) to instruments (mouth mirrors or those fear-inducing hooked probes) taking care of a client’s teeth is just as important as keeping the patient comfortable.

Hesitation during a dental procedure is just not part of the game. A dentist must have everything within reach in order to provide a smooth and stress-free service to an array of clientele. We all know someone who “hates the dentist”.

This is why it’s key to convey confidence and tranquility in the office. Fumbling around the exam room, searching for essential supplies and materials hardly makes an already-nervous patient feel secure. 

This is why it’s pertinent to be fully stocked with more than what you think you need. 

If you are: 

  • supplying dental offices
  • the expert in charge of ordering supplies
  • a startup dental practice

…having the basics is critical.

Here is a list of five dental supplies that should always be in stock. 

  1. Sterilization pouches 

Self-sealing sterilization pouches available in a variety of sizes. 

  1. Crown & Bridge Dental Material

Available in 5 different shades to match the natural color of the patient’s teeth.

  1. Instrument Tray

Choose from standard sizes in purple, orange, gray, yellow or green.

  1. Saliva ejector

Disposable saliva ejectors stocked in different colors and bulk sizes.

  1. Bite Blocks

Bite blocks that can be found in sizes for children and adults.

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