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Things Every Guest Hygienist Needs To Know

Things Every Guest Hygienist Needs To Know

What is a guest hygienist?

A guest hygienist is also known by the monikers “temp” and “traveling” hygienist. For the employee, it allows the freedom to set their own schedules as well as work with a variety of offices and gain a wide breadth of different experiences. 

There are plenty of agencies that assist dental hygienists in finding temp jobs. With many agencies, the only requirement is that the employee have liability insurance. Check out this blog for more information on how to choose the right temping agency.

Once the contract is signed, the agency will open up a list of local employment possibilities. This could mean a few months at one practice or every day of the week in a new office. The pay is relatively competitive and it’s an excellent way to land longer-term positions. 

It’s also a great way to:

  • Pick up extra hours
  • Experiment with a new role
  • Try different offices
  • Work part time instead of full time
  • Work only on certain days of the week

Still, like any job, there are cons to consider and one of the downsides of working as a guest hygienist is the inconsistency of tools available from one office to the next. Fortunately, this is easily avoidable by being prepared with a personal dental kit that can be carried from place to place. So what exactly do hygienists need and where can these critical tools be purchased?

According to Whitney Howard, a full time temp, she carries with her a manual toothbrush and her favorite dental floss. 

Other useful tools to keep in a traveling hygienists kit include: 

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