Local Retailers vs. Online Dental Supply Shopping

Local Retailers vs. Online Dental Supply Shopping

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For dental offices getting off the ground, deciding where to get the bulk of their supplies can feel like an uneven process.  Even simple dental checkups use up so many different supplies that getting orders right and on time becomes a premium.  While some offices may have super “friendly” reps who work with large dental vendors, we are here to go through the positives associated with ordering dental supplies online with My DDS Supply. 

With no sales rep to go through and no debate over shipping times and their own compensation, My DDS Supply is the superior choice for dental offices who like to order supplies and keep the day moving.  We offer same-day shipping on our products, and we can find ways to lower overhead after you complete the first of your bulk orders.  Once we can figure out the logistics and can successfully gauge how many materials you go through per week/month, we streamline our process to make sure you know exactly when supplies will show up to office’s front door.

We offer a huge inventory of dental products that cannot be matched by brick-and-motor stores.  Chances are that any small local dental distributor will have trouble consistently filling your order.  They will have to dropship in the supplies from their own dental supply wholesaler, then go through the process of delivering these supplies to you.  Seeing as we act as our own dental supply distributor, My DDS Supply can guarantee that products ship within the same 24 hour day you place your order.  You can continue to edit and modify your order until it runs flawlessly with your office’s daily routines.

Building on that point, My DDD Supply’s online platform ensures a more comfortable ordering process – your office staff can browse through products in the security your office, allowing head dentists to make final decisions on what to order without interrupting their work day.  Instead of having to pay a sales rep or go offsite to see supplies, our online dental supply store brings an ease of access to previewing each material needed.  We have everything, from anesthetic needles to nitrile gloves to impression trays, and all products can be purchased by box before bulk orders are officially placed.

Being founded several years ago, our company is looking to establish relationships with a new generation of dentists, so our online service is of upmost importance to us.  With that in mind, we do strive to bring the warmth of a local distributor without the limitations of a single physical location.  On that note, we strive to provide the streamlined benefits of an online shop combined with the security of building a long-term relationship that might come with a local supplier.  For the best of both these worlds, look no further than My DDS Supply!

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