Get the Advantage: Benefits of Choosing My DDS Supply over Conglomerate Dental Companies

Get the Advantage: Benefits of Choosing My DDS Supply over Conglomerate Dental Companies

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When it comes to vendor and wholesale dental suppliers, there are names that have been in the industry for decades – and therein, to a large extent, lies their major flaw.  Dental supply companies that have been around for so are largely set in their prices and stuck in their ways.  However, the technology and ability to ship products more efficiently has transformed the dental industry’s landscape.  This is where my MyDDSSupply comes into play – we are a company born out of technology and data-driven pricing models.  In a sense we can negotiate large orders better than any large competitors because we can logistically adjust more nimbly than our stubborn competitors.  Large dental supply companies will feel no obligation to negotiate or treat your dental business as its own unique entity – We here at MyDDSSupply are looking to start lifetime connections with our clients, finding more and more ways to bundle deals that simply cannot be matched by other companies.

                The largest dental supply companies fail to adjust to their clients’ particular needs for a simple reason – with such a backed-up log of orders, these companies can usually only offer one-deal-fits-all bundles.  This lack of organizational flexibility is what we here at MyDDsSupply pride ourselves on.  As soon as you begin buying products from our e-commerce site, we reach out and will seek to forge a partnership that can grow as help keep your office stocked with high quality dental supplies.  Buying dental products online from our site guarantees free shipping, ensuring this is no room for miscommunication for shipping delays or shipping overcharges!  In fact, we offer same-day shipping to our customers, and can guarantee that bulk orders will lower overhead expenses considerably.

                The best part is we can tailor orders directly to your needs, meaning if you need bulk of one item but only a few of another, we can modify any bulk order with ease.  So please, do yourself a favor, and check out the unique deals available at MyDDSSupply!

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