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From Good to Great: Update Your Website to get More Business

From Good to Great: Update Your Website to get More Business

Your website is essentially your dental practice’s online business card. 

With a lot more bulk.

Your website is your top tool to attract more clients and book more appointments. It must be intuitive, easy to use and informative enough to answer any questions a potential client has. Regular maintenance is crucial so do your best not to let updates fall to the wayside. Scan your site several times a year to make sure it’s still relevant.

In short, update your website to get more business!


Include the content people want to see.

  1. Original work: I can’t tell you, as a writer, how often I’ve run into blatant copy-and-paste. Aside from plagiarism being utterly disrespectful to whomever took the time to research and finetune the written content, it makes your company look lazy and untrustworthy. If you’re not gifted with the art of literary genius, invest in someone who is and make sure all copy is original.
  2. Boring content: Attention spans shortening at a shockingly rapid rate. Whatever you include on your site, make sure it’s entertaining and to the point. Distinguish what is captivating to your clients versus what is captivating to you. Industry jargon will only scare away potential patients. Speak their language and make it interesting. 
  3. Testimonials: Take Amazon as the ultimate proof of the power of testimonials. People do read them and take them into account. Set up a system so that your best clients are featured on your website as evidence of your credibility. Consider including video testimonials as well.
  4. Photos: Yes it’s easier but when possible, steer clear of stock photos. Showcase your practice and the people that work there to further your validity. Hire a professional photographer to take inviting photos and videos of the office environment. Clients want to know that not only are you real, you’re also accessible and modern.
  5. Social Media integration: Your Instagram feed should be visible on your website. If you don’t have an Instagram feed, it’s time to hire someone to make one. Check out our recent blog post on the importance of social media in the dental industry.

BONUS: If you’re collecting client information on your website, it is critical to make sure your site is HIPAA compliant. Your website must be secure, contact forms must be encrypted, and in most cases, authorization forms must be signed. 

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