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E-Commerce: Changing the Dental Supply Industry

E-Commerce: Changing the Dental Supply Industry

                In the past ten years, the optimization and refinement of e-commerce has transformed numerous industries: dental supply companies are no exception.  We have polished our supply chain management to a level that mirrors the seamlessness of your favorite app – a few clicks with easy-to-follow instructions, and orders get placed on-time with pinpoint accuracy.  Below are just a few of the major benefits that come with taking your business to our My DDS Supply e-commerce dental supply company!


  • Streamlined Shipping 

Shipping to all 50 states, My DDS Supply can uniquely package any bulk order to same-day shipping delivery.  We encourage you to place a product inquiry with us if you have any questions!  After initiating direct contact with our customers, it becomes much easier to offer them the best bundle of deals for our products in stock.  We are direct importers of many of our top dental supplies, giving us full quality-control over our supply chain.  Our dental products online can be organized into a package that suits the particular needs of your office!  Getting them to you with same-day shipping will assure you never run low on supplies, and it’s a guarantee we carry across our entire product line.


  • Saving Money by Lowering Overhead

Another natural benefits of our data-driven, refined pricing model comes in the form of tens of thousands of dollars in savings.  No, we don’t want to sound like a Geico commercial!... but reports of offices saving over $10,000 is not uncommon.  In fact, we will make sure that the packages we put together will beat our any competitor.  We don’t mind if you include competitors prices in your inquiry – we encourage it!  We trust that with that information, we can put together something that beats the price and ups the value. 


  • Cutting out “Middle Men” suppliers

Bloated dental supply companies fail to provide the best-value dental products online – but they love to tell you that they are offering new dentists “substantial” discounts.  As dentist David D. puts it, “We are led to believe that the biggest companies theoretically provide the best discounts, but that (is) not at all the case.”  Because we communicate directly to our wholesale dental supply manufacturers, we can negotiate prices without paying unnecessary intermediaries that inflate overhead costs.  Instead of having to look for cheaper alternatives across the internet, we can match every deal you find, and also bring it under one roof!

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