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Carbide and Diamond Burs: What’s the Difference and Which Should I Buy?

Carbide and Diamond Burs: What’s the Difference and Which Should I Buy?

What are dentals burs used for?

Dental burs are a critical tool in the kit of every dentist. They are essential to perform a variety of procedures, including:

  • Filling preparation 
  • Bone shaping
  • Removing or cutting through fillings
  • Removing crowns
  • Shaping and Polishing
  • Preparing and placing crowns and veneers

There is an abundance of dental burs to choose from, the two most recognizable being a diamond bur and a carbide bur.

What’s the difference?

Diamond Burs: The Make for a fast and smooth cut. Diamond burs are essential when precision is needed. Diamonds, being one of the hardest elements on earth, can grind and cut through nearly any material including enamel or bone. For slicing through porcelain or polishing something superficial, a diamond bur is preferred by most dentists.

Not to mention, who doesn't want to work with diamonds all day?

Carbide Burs: Ensure a smooth surface. Carbide burs have higher heat withstandability, meaning they last longer and keep sharper than many others. Are ideal for slicing small bits, like tiny pieces of tooth. Also ideal for cutting through or smoothing down metals. Dentists prefer carbide burs when preparing cavities for fillings, removing fillings and shaping bone.

Which is most important?

Both. As you can see, there are different scenarios in which one style of bur is more useful than the other. Stock up on both styles of burs in our Bulk Section

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