Bulk Dental Supply Orders with My DDS Supply

Bulk Dental Supply Orders with My DDS Supply

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We here at myDDSupply have a more intimate and direct method of communication than most of our more dental supply competitors.  We love to save time not having bogged-down conversations, so once we set up a strong relationship with dentists and dental offices, we allow the significant savings we produce to speak for themselves.  Usually, we end up hearing back from the dental office explaining how switching to our products has cut down overhead by tremendous amounts.  Being primarily an e-commerce company, we consider our website the easiest way to purchase when compared to top dental supply companies.

Once we hear from you, we will make sure to get back to you within the day.  Our professional staff will pass you on to the person best-suited to discuss your particular needs, and instead of feeling you are going up against a “Wal-Mart” type of monolith that has no room for personal connections and uniquely-packaged bundles, we want to grow into the online dental store that you utilize the rest of your career.  Throughout that tenure, we want to be your personalized wholesale dental supply company offering better and better prices as our business relationship grows deeper in magnitude.

Most importantly, if you ever want to request a more direct line of communication, we can arrange for an in-person meeting or video chat conference call.  We want to make sure that, when you place such important dental supply expenses in our hands, you feel like the director for the entire process.  Whatever detailing or alterations you want to request, we want to accommodate.  Whether that means providing data analytic models that predict your specific dental office’s rate of supply-use, or whether that means providing you accurate data about competing wholesale dental suppliers, we want you to sit back and think, “These guys are the real-deal.  I send them what I found for a competitor, and they find a way to make light of the fact someone had the same product lower.  Even more impressive, they find a way to beat the price and keep the same-day shipping.”  Place your trust in a dental supply company that is poised to become a dominant leader in e-commerce!

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