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Be Prepared for a Busy Holiday Season. Stock Up on the Essentials.

Be Prepared for a Busy Holiday Season. Stock Up on the Essentials.

We’re nearing December, which means dental offices all over the country are gearing up for the busy season. Patients are frantically setting medical appointments of all kinds to start the New Year fresh and healthy. 

Clients are also looking to exhaust their year’s remaining insurance benefits and take advantage of year-end tax benefits on spending. 

This means dentists are expecting a full schedule of procedures, cleanings and the occasional emergency.

The more patients on the books, the more supplies required. Professionals will need to have every tool, from gloves to impression trays to evacuation products, well within reach. 

Reliability is an invaluable trait and ensures a long-standing relationship between you and your client. Whether you are a wholesale supplier or a private practitioner, now is the time to survey exactly what’s missing from your toolkit and order it in bulk. Check out our current Bulk Specials here

Don’t forget the basics! Remember to inventory the standard materials required by all dentists on a daily basis, such as:

This year is projected to be especially active with the waning of the pandemic. Scan your or your clients’ orders from 2018 and 2019 to see exactly what was purchased at this time of year. 

The team at My DDS Supply knows how important it is to be prepared. That’s why we guarantee that each and every order you make will be shipped from the warehouse to your address within 1 business day.

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