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5 Common Medications that Affect your Teeth and Mouth

Aside from food, drinks and personal hygiene, there is another widespread culprit that can severely affect your teeth and mouth. Something a vast majority of the population relies on to feel better - medication.

Both doctor-prescribed and over-the-counter drugs can play a major role in the general health of your mouth. If significant changes to your dental routine aren’t boasting the results you’re looking for, you might want to check your medicine cabinet for the following:

Anti-inflammatory medications

A recent study from University of São Paulo in Brazil found that those who regularly take anti-inflammatory medications, especially children, are showing risk of dental enamel defects (DEDs). These medications, over time, can result in low mineral density and below-normal calcium and phosphate levels, causing teeth to break or crack more easily. 


Doctors often prescribe anticoagulants to patients with heart problems. Oftentimes the medication is offered preventatively for long term use. Unfortunately, these meds carry the risk of increased bleeding in the gums or tooth sockets.

Gummy Vitamins, Antacid Tablets & Cough Suppressants 

For patients who have trouble swallowing pills, gummy tablets are a viable option. Sadly, most are packed with sugar to make them taste like candy. The same goes for liquid cold medications or antibiotics. Sugar causes higher levels of acid in the mouth and increased risk of cavities.

Calcium channel blockers + Anti-seizure medications 

Both medications are linked to gingival overgrowth. This occurs when gum tissue swells over the tooth itself, causing a buildup of bacteria. Not only does this look rather unappealing, it can affect the way you eat and chew.

Antidepressants and Antianxiety Medications

Antidepressants and antianxiety prescriptions ​​have long been linked to a variety of serious side effects. One of those side effects is particularly dangerous for the health of your teeth. Dry mouth increases your risk for everything from cavities to canker sores and ultimately gum disease. 

If you or your patients are taking any of the above medications and suffering from disturbances like tooth decay, bleeding gums, canker sores and more, speak with a professional about your options.

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